Frequently Asked Questions

HelpyFinder™ enables a platform where people can help each other. They can act as a Help Requester as well as Help Provider both.

You can find NearBy Help, Family Help, and Emergency Help on HelpyFinder™.

We have Verified and trusted users and your information will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

You can accept the Help request when you get it, and you can help someone in their need. After acceptance of the request, you get the information of the requester with their live location.

You can simply tap on the Family help and NearBy Help tab to send a Help request whenever you need Help.

You can send a Help request by clicking on the Family Help and NearBy Help tab. It enables sending Help Requests automatically.

Yes, you can cancel the generated help anytime.

You can “Send” or “Accept” Help Requests in almost no time. You can send a Help Request in less than 10 seconds while you can accept it instantly.

Medical Emergency, Fire Emergency and Vehicle Emergency, etc, can be prevented if help can be reached on time.

Yes, you can help and Provide help Anytime and Anywhere.