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Emergency Help Request

In case of any emergency, HelpyFinder™ made it easy - Send your live location to your Emergency Contacts. You have the option to send Help Request to the nearest Police and Doctor... Just on one touch.

Your Family's Lifeguard

A platform to provide 'Emergency Help' to your family - Old Parents, Children and your Loved ones.

Your Family's Lifeguard



There’s one death in every 4 Minutes due to road accidents. We can reduce the risk by just one tap! Tap for yourself or someone and become a saviour – Let the HelpyFinder™ become a safeguard of your family.

Securely notify violence with Location to your Family

86% of women can’t raise their voice against domestic violence and 77% can’t even ask for help because they don’t have an instant Emergency Help request option. Tap HelpyFinder™, notify all your Emergency Contacts with your real time location on one tap.

Girl's safe zone

82% of girls between 10-29 years experience more violence. Girls between 16-19 years face sexual abuse, are victims of Rape but only 3–24% of Girls reported sexual assault cases. Let’s reduce the risk with HelpyFinder™ which sends an Emergency Help request just with one tap.

Get to know who can Help! Just click HelpyFinder™!

Moving to a New Place and want emergency help from your nearby Doctors, Police, or people around you? But don’t know how to approach/ask them for Help? Don’t worry Just tap HelpyFinder™ and connect to our verified nearby users instantly.

With you always!

49.3% of people relocate every year for higher-paying jobs, 11.1% due to transfer while 20.5% people relocate to stay close to their family. HelpyFinder™ helps them by giving the option of Emergency Help request with just one tap.